Are you waiting for Android 5.0 in the fall?

The vice president of Google said that the new version of the platform will not be released in the summer, as previously reported, but this fall. Moreover, it will be released every year. 

When Taiwanese DigiTimes sources gossip about Android 5.0, what they have heard should be divided into at least two, but when Hiroshi Lockheimer, one of Google’s vice presidents, declares its relatively imminent release in his interview with ComputerWorld magazine, it is likely that we will see the new platform before the end of this year.

To be precise, Lockheimer stated the following: “it is planned to release one basic version of Android per year.” Given the fact that the official launch of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich took place in November last year, the conclusion suggests itself: the fifth version of the platform will be released this fall. 

However, Lockheimer also noted that they are not particularly tied to deadlines.  

In any case, we are not talking about an official announcement yet. However, even now, at some Android stands at the Mobile World Congress, you can find large glass candy bowls with colorful jelly bean chewing candies. This, by the way, is the code name of the fifth version of Android.  

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