Google boasts of activations

The Android platform has come close to iOS in terms of the number of users,” said one of the founders of the search giant. 

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Vice President of Google’s mobile division Andy Rubin said that the number of activations of Android devices has reached 850 thousand per day (and this is excluding the secondary market). 

Recall that only in December last year, the company reported overcoming the bar of 700 thousand activations per day. Also, according to the official announcement of Google, at the moment more than 300 million devices based on the Android platform have been activated (12 million of them are tablets).

For comparison, taking into account the results of the last quarter, Apple sold more than 315 million iOS-based devices. Probably, now this figure is already in the region of 330 million.

Anyway, we can safely say that the audience of the two largest mobile platforms is almost equal at the moment. In addition, with the dynamics that Android demonstrates, it is possible that in the next quarter, Google’s mobile platform will overtake iOS in terms of the number of users.

Andy Rubin also noted that at the moment there are already more than 450 thousand applications available in the Android Market (exactly a year ago there were much fewer of them – 150 thousand). Considering that there are about 500 thousand of them on the Apple App Store, we can say that Android is “breathing down the back” of iOS here too.

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