The most notable game releases of February on the iOS platform

Saturday is a rest time. According to the Jewish canons, it is impossible to work on this day at all. We don’t insist. Conversely. We offer you to get acquainted with three wonderful games: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Pizza Vs. Skeletons and Spice Bandits.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Price: $9.99Link in the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/ghost-trick-phantom-detective/id489113377?mt=8

The Ghost Trick game is a perfect puzzle, as well as another amazing antithesis to John Carmack’s statement that the plot in the game, as in porn, plays a deeply secondary role.

The original Ghost Trick was released almost two years ago on the Nintendo DS, instantly finding itself in the pantheon of the best projects for the mobile console.

With the release on the App Store, history repeats itself: a simple, in fact, the game easily reached the top and has been there for more than two weeks.

Her secret lies in an unusual approach to gameplay, where history comes out on top. In fact, Ghost Trick is not a game at all, but something like an interactive comic book in which you are not allowed to turn the page until you solve the next problem.     

The hero of the game is the spirit of a guy just killed by a mercenary named Sissel. He, however, does not remember at first, neither what his name is, nor why he was killed. He is more concerned about the fate of an unknown girl who is going to be killed before his very eyes.

From the talking lamp, also present at the crime scene, Sissel learns that as a ghost he can interact with objects, thereby helping the living, as well as changing their past within four minutes.

Actually, the whole game is based on the latter: Cecil must activate items in a certain order in a short period of time at a particular location. In case of failure, rewind the time and repeat.

However, the lion’s share of game time is spent reading funny dialogues and watching no less funny scenes that reveal the plot of the game. He, in turn, is the main feature of the game, if you like, which does not want to let the player / reader/ viewer go until the very denouement.

The price of Ghost Trick by the standards of the App Store is rather big – almost ten dollars, but it’s worth it.

By the way, the first two chapters can be downloaded for free.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Price: $2.99Link in the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pizza-vs.-skeletons/id475212472?mt=8

There is such a thing as “postmodern”.

Umberto Eco understood it as an ironic reinterpretation of art, images, cultural meanings, and the whole past in general. And Pizza Vs. Skeletons is just something like a postmodern game, a kind of art house for iGadget users.The main character of the game is a harsh giant pizza.

With the help of the player, she rides (swims, jumps, flies) through the levels and crushes skeletons. It is played as inadequately as it sounds.

The rich, if not worse, fantasy of the developers sends the main character in pursuit of skeletons on snowboards, then to the moon, then to smash brick houses in which the same skeletons hid, then under water.

And although the game may seem a little boring at first – still, the basic mechanics are well known and have been tested more than once (we drive and push) – a wild variety of levels, as well as the ability to customize the main character (do you like pizza with cheese or sausage?), revive the old concept. In addition, the “highly artistic” vein of the game, the bright stylization of the comic and the strange humor of the creators bring the project to a very high level.  

Another thing is that the size of the main character is too big as another small “but”. The iPhone does not leave the feeling that the pizza is cramped in a narrow rectangle for a second. So it’s better to play with an iPad.    

Spice Bandits

Price: freeLink to the App Store:

 http://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/spice-bandits/id467338170?mt=8Tower Defense is such a popular genre that nowadays the variety of such games can already make your head spin.

Every month there are a huge number of variations on this topic, and often of a very high level. Another thing is that they differ from each other only stylistically. The basic principles remain the same. At the same time, innovation is kept to a minimum.Spice Bandits is such a very bright and smiling exception.

Moreover, literally: juicy colors, positive characters resembling Pixar characters, a general mood.

As for the exceptions, there are two of them. And both are very significant.

Firstly, there are no tracks along which monsters are rushing (in this case, enemy equipment). The player is thrown out onto a large playing field, which is useless to completely build up with protective turrets. So you have to build protection at the reference points of the map, and not as usual around the perimeter.

Secondly, you can play with a friend here. Base to base. In other words, a completely new experience.

By the way, in the case of Spice Bandits, it’s also better to play with an iPad. It’s not very convenient to do this on the iPhone screen. 

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