Players opposed Zynga

Fans of the company NibleBit massively underestimate the rating of the newly released game Dream Heights from Zynga in the App Store. 

The public scandal surrounding the new Zynga game is not abating. Its release, which took place last Monday, only added fuel to the fire. If a week ago Dream Heights was criticized only by journalists for its similarity to Tiny Tower, then after the App Store was released, fans of the original game and its authors from NibleBit got down to business. Moreover, their criticism can seriously hit Zynga’s pocket.

They go to the Dream Heights page on iTunes and give it the lowest score. Most of them accuse the company, judging by the reviews, of copying the concept and mechanics of Tiny Tower.

Make your games, Zynga,” writes one fan. – “Stop stealing ideas from other developers and calling the resulting games innovations.” “This game should be called a “Dream of robbery”, and not a “Dream of Heights” (a play on words – Dream Heist and Dream Heights), – another user immediately comments. – “This game is a blatant clone of Tiny Tower.”

The author of the protest movement was Ian Marsh, one of the developers of NimbleBit. He openly encouraged Tiny Tower fans to write negative reviews, pointing out that only Zynga employees give positive ratings to Dream Heights.  

At the moment, most of the reviews for the game are negative. The average rating based on the 542 ratings already issued is one and a half points out of five.  However, how much this will affect the revenue from the game is not yet clear, because with such a rating, the game is unlikely to be able to climb to the top of the top. On the other hand, negative PR is also advertising, and often very effective.

Anyway, the release of Dream Heights in the Canadian App Store went “smoothly“, according to the Inside Mobile Apps blog. 

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