New OS from Sony

Sony management is thinking about the introduction of the Vita operating system on their tablets and smartphones. 

It is quite possible that Sony will soon install its own operating system – Vita – on its devices instead of Android. Now the company’s new portable console, the PS Vita, is running on this operating system.

There are rumors that Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s executive director, has already shared the idea of placing OS Vita on Sony Tablet and Sony Xperia with the company’s management. 

It is quite possible that this is the reason for the active work of the company’s specialists on the PlayStation Suite package, which will allow you to run both applications made for PlayStation on Android and Android applications on PlayStation. 

Senior vice president of the company Yoshio Matsumoto, commenting on the rumors, said: “If you think that we have already developed a system that can be taken and put on smartphones, you are mistaken. However, the system was also made with this in mind.”

Those who have already got acquainted with the OS, as a rule, note that it has a “good groundwork”: it works smoothly, quickly, it is sharpened completely for the touchscreen. On the other hand, it is much inferior to other systems, both in functionality and in the number of applications, however, the latter is just understandable: the PS Vita appeared on the shelves of Japan only on December 17, 2011. The American and European releases are scheduled for February 22.   

Anyway, the company’s specialists will have to work very hard on the Vita if they plan to make it competitive in the mobile platform market. 

In addition, do not wait for the appearance of OS Vita on familiar smartphones and tablets in the near future. If she appears on them, then not earlier than in a year or two.

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