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The game from Imangi Studios has gained almost 40 million downloads; mobile traffic in the US has overtaken the traffic of desktop systems on Mac OS; Steve Jobs received the award. 

Temple Run has been downloaded more than 36 million times. 

The game about an unlucky tomb thief trying to escape from angry spirits or monsters has gained about 36 million downloads. 

Moreover, she managed to collect 16 million of them only in the last month: by mid-January, the game had about 20 million downloads. 

The rapid growth of popularity could not be prevented even by the scandal associated with the appearance of the “unscrupulous clone” Temple Jump, which we wrote about a week ago. 

Imangi Studios launched its game in August last year. Initially, it was sold at a price of 99 cents. In September, it was decided to transfer it to a free-to-play model, after which, according to the developers, revenues from it increased fivefold. 

In the near future, the developers are going to launch the game in a version for Android devices. 

Mighty iOS Traffic

The share of iOS mobile traffic in the United States turned out to be more than Mac OS X traffic, analysts from Chitika claim in their report.

The company has been monitoring since August 2011, observing how the share of traffic on macs is rapidly falling, and its share in the mobile sector is growing. If at the end of the summer, iOS accounted for a little more than 5% of all American traffic, then by this February the figure had grown to a more impressive 8.15%. In a little less time, the share of Mac OS X fell from almost 11% to 7.96%. 

In other words, for the first time in history, mobile traffic turned out to be more desktop traffic than, mainly, Chitika specialists wanted to share.  

However, being an advertising company, Chitika in its monitoring took into account only the traffic that passes through its customers – this is about 100 thousand resources. So it is quite possible that a larger study of another Internet advertising network may show slightly different results.

Be that as it may, the trend indicating a rapid increase in the traffic of iOS devices is clearly visible. The question now is: how much traffic does Android account for? Unfortunately, Chitika does not have an answer to it yet. 

Grammy posthumously 

Last Saturday, the Grammy Award of the Board of Trustees was awarded to Steve Jobs posthumously. 

The American Recording Academy awarded Jobs an award for creating the iPod and iTunes, which “changed the usual way of looking at music.”

The award was accepted by Apple’s senior vice president for Internet Services, Eddy Cue, who noted, clutching a gramophone-shaped statuette, that “this award means a lot to me, because music meant a lot to him [Steve Jobs].”

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