Android 4.0: Who will switch first?

The full list of devices that will switch to “ice cream” from Google in the near future. Among them: Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson ray, HTC Sensation and many others. 

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is a major update for devices based on the Google system. So large that some smartphone developers are still hesitating whether to transfer their devices to a new OS version. 

For example, LG almost immediately announced that it would not release an update for its flagship LG Optimus 2X on ICS. However, the company changed its mind very quickly. So “at the moment, an ICS OS update is planned for LG Optimus 2X,” says one of the messages published by the company on Facebook. 

HTC has also not been unequivocal until recently – whether it is going to hastily transfer devices to Android 4 or not. Only today there was news that HTC will update “as many of its devices as possible” in March. 

Samsung could not decide for a long time on the devices that will fall under the update. As a result, only the most powerful smartphones will switch to the new system. As for the Samsung Galaxy S, ICS will only partially support it. 

Motorola, which is currently close to Google like no other company, gave accurate information about the release date of the OS on its devices: six weeks after the official launch of the system. 

Sony Ericsson also promised to transfer ICS to its devices, however, a lot will depend on Sony here. 

A little below is also a list of tablets that will soon switch to ICS.
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