What will happen at the Mobile World Congress?

The CES exhibition was relatively quiet – without discoveries and interesting releases. It is believed that the loudest announcements of the first half of 2012 will take place at the Mobile World Congress show, which will begin in Barcelona on February 27. Which ones exactly? Read below. 

The Taiwanese company is rumored to present four devices: a quad-core HTC Quattro tablet with 1 GB of RAM on the Android 4.0 platform; a mid-range HTC Primo smartphone with a 3.7-inch screen protected by Gorilla Glass; a powerful HTC Ville with a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor and an HTC Edge tablet phone, which with its 4.7-inch screen, Apparently, it will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Perhaps the mythical HTC Titan II will also appear at the exhibition. 

Koreans from Lucky Goldstar are also planning to present their “Samsung Galaxy Note answer”. It’s called LG Optimus Vu and it will probably have a five-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. 

Moreover, apparently, a shaft of tablet phones is really waiting for us soon, since LG is also rumored to be preparing two more giants with 4.7-inch screens (for comparison, the iPhone 4S has only 3.5 inches). However, their resolution will be much less: frivolous 640 by 480 points. 

It is possible that a device for Windows Phone 7 – LG Miracle – will also be announced at the exhibition. 

While the “catching up” are fussing, one of the market leaders, apparently, decided to hold his horses. Samsung will not even have its own press conference at the Mobile World Congress, not to mention the fact that the company canceled the official announcement of the Galaxy III, postponing it for spring. 

However, it will probably not do without new devices. According to rumors, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S Plus and an improved Galaxy Nexus. It is also possible that the company will introduce a couple of new tablets: one of them will be able to boast a 2 Mhz processor, the other a quad-core processor.  

Two years after the announcement of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is going to introduce Windows 8. The presentation of the new platform is scheduled for Wednesday, February 29.

According to rumors, the company is not developing Windows Phone 8: there will only be a “seven” on smartphones, but the “eight” will be adapted, including for tablets. 

The company’s presentation at CES was pathetic, but absolutely meaningless. But in Barcelona, they say Nokia will roll out a whole line of new devices on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Including at least one hi-end smartphone. 

Strangely, there are very few rumors about Sony’s announcements. At the moment, it is only known that a press conference of the Japanese company will be held on February 26. 

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