Dual-core iPad 3

An unexpected detail has appeared about the next device in the iPad line: the processor of the new gadget from Apple will still run on two cores. The date of the announcement of the device also became known. 

The Repair Labs Blog, one of the Western thematic sites, got photos of the back cover of the iPad 3 today. Comparing it with the back cover of the iPad 2, experts came to the following conclusions:

1. The battery will become much bigger

2. The Retina display will definitely appear in the device

3. The camera will change

The source who sent the photos also told bloggers that the new version of the device will be a millimeter thinner. However, many people already guessed about all this. So the main news that came from an unnamed source is that the iPad 3 will remain dual-core. The power of the cores may increase, but their number will not change.

By the way, according to rumors, the presentation of the iPad 3 will take place on March 9, on the same day the release of the long-awaited iTunes 5.1 will take place, which, as many hope, will finally solve the problem with the rapidly running out of battery in their devices. 

Fragment it

Not so long ago we wanted to write about a wonderful website phone-size.com , where you can visually compare the sizes of smartphones in relation to each other. But since he was offline for a couple of days due to the influx of visitors, it was decided to postpone this “acquaintance” until today. 

The site is great because it gives an extremely clear idea of the difficulties Android application developers face when fragmenting: the spread of models on the Google platform only in size cannot fail to impress.

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