They love movies on smartphones

Mobile device users are actively interested in movies with the help of their gadgets, and also pay close attention to games “based on motives”. A new trend?   

Owners of smartphones and iPads very often use their devices to view trailers and movie-related information,” said Greystripe, a company that distributes mobile games and applications sponsored by advertising.

More than half of the smartphone owners surveyed by the company (53%) and almost a quarter of iPad owners (27%) said they use their gadget to choose when, where and what kind of movie to watch, as well as just to find out any information about the movie of interest. Moreover, most of them rely on trailers when choosing.

Anyway, considering that almost 70% of respondents go to the cinema up to six times a year, that is, they are a relatively regular audience of cinemas, it can be assumed that it is on mobile platforms that applications “based on motives” will enjoy particular success.

Moreover, there are already positive examples: the relative success of applications based on the films “The Beginning” and “Time”. The first game was included in the top 10 free apps on the App Store in 30 countries, the second was lit up, at least, in the Russian top paid applications.

And although there are not so many mobile “screen versions” yet, their number is likely to increase significantly very soon. So now it makes sense for many mobile developers to think about developing games “based on motives”. 

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