Mass Effect on iOS and the last days of iPhone 3GS

Electronic Arts publishing house announces the imminent release of the mobile version of Mass Effect; Apple today calls for changing the standard resolutions of screenshots in the App Store to those made in HD.

Mass Effect on iOS

Large titles of the “big” industry continue to come to mobile platforms. Following GTA III and the Battlefield series, the imminent release of the project in the Mass Effect universe has been announced

EA, the publisher of the project, announced that the new game – Mass Effect: Infiltrator – will be a three-dimensional shooter and will be released exclusively on iOS mobile versions. The plot of the game will not retell the events of the original series, but complement it, revealing new details of the conflict with the organization “Cerberus”.

Despite the fact that there is no data yet on the release dates of the project, it is clear that it will be timed to coincide with the release of the full-fledged third part of Mass Effect on “adult” consoles, which will take place on March 6. Apparently, on the wave of love for the trilogy, EA plans to earn money properly. And it’s not just the power of the title, but also the fact that playing Infiltrator, you can earn “galactic readiness” points, which can later be used in Mass Effect 3.   

The developers of the project were the authors of the mobile Dead Space from Iron Monkey Studios.

App Store high resolution

Apple has announced new standards in the design of applications on the App Store.Now all screenshots should be optimized for Retina displays.

From now on, when downloading a new application or updating an old one, all screenshots must be uploaded in high resolution. According to the company’s representatives, they did this to “make sure that the applications are optimized for Retina displays.”

Technically, they can be made in the following resolutions: 960×640, 960×600, 640×960 or 640×920 pixels. The “disappearing” and “appearing” 40 pixels are explained very simply: this is a status bar that many developers and publishers are trying to remove from images. 

Since the iPhone 3GS has a lower resolution (320 by 480 pixels), there is an opinion that the company will soon abandon updating devices of this generation altogether.

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