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Android is a more stable system than iOS; Samsung Galaxy S II is recognized as the best smartphone in Russia. 

iOS Crashes More Often than Google’s Creation

This conclusion was reached by Crittercism, a company engaged in the development of applications for fixing bugs, after it conducted monitoring in December. 

The data was collected for a little more than two weeks – from the first to the fifteenth of December. In total, 23 versions of iOS and 33 versions of Android managed to “fall” during this time. Moreover, most of the mistakes made were on iOS 5.0.1 – 28.64% of the total number of “falls”. iOS 4.2.10 is in second place with 12.64%, and iOS 4 is in third.3.3 from 10.66%.

By the way, these figures also show that many iOS users often do not bother and do not update their system from the moment of purchase of the device. Moreover, they are in no hurry to update applications. This, according to Andrew Levy, executive director of Crittercism, may be one of the reasons for the large number of errors on the iOS platform. Among other reasons: problems with GPS, poor Internet connection, as well as problems that can be solved by manually switching between 3G and Wi-Fi. Applications that use too much RAM can also cause the device to malfunction, Levy says. 

Since a large percentage of errors occur on one of the latest iOS updates, Crittercism says that with the release of the fourth version of Android, the number of Google crashes will increase dramatically. But at the moment, Apple’s platform falls significantly more often than its competitor.

By the way, the first place in the number of crashes among Android OS is Android 2.3.3. It accounts for 24.76% of errors from all versions of the platform. 

Russians choose Samsung Galaxy S II

From mid-December 2011 to February 2012 on mail.ru there was a vote: users chose the best gadget of 2011. 

In the smartphone category, it became last year’s flagship of the South Korean company Samsung – Galaxy S II. Almost a third of respondents voted for him – 34%. The second place is taken by the iPhone – 22% of users voted for it. Nokia Lumia 800 took the third place with a noticeable lag – 16%. 

Curiously, in the general category – the best gadget – the situation is somewhat different. Some smartphones were also presented here, but HTC Sensation got the first place. Out of 61 thousand who voted on mail.ru , more than 15 thousand people voted for him. In second place is the Galaxy S II with 14 thousand votes, in third with 11 thousand iPhone 4S. The fifth place – after Nokia N9 – with 10% (about 6 thousand votes) was unexpectedly taken by Samsung Galaxy Note.

By the way, on the popular domestic portal mobile-review.com dedicated to gadgets, there is still a similar vote. And, according to preliminary data, there is a leadership of the same Samsung Galaxy S II. In the Bestseller category, 52% of users have already voted for it. In second place with a noticeable lag iPhone 4S with 28%.

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