Insidious crocodile Disney

The most popular “cartoon” company in the world has decided to approach the distribution of a new mobile application from an unusual side.

Today, few people will be surprised by paid in-game content and microtransactions, but it seems that Disney Corporation managed it after all. The company decided to make its new game application “History of Cranky” available only to those who have already downloaded and bought another studio game – “Crocodile Swampy”. So the company, in fact, immediately covered its entire audience.

Moreover, the release of a new full-fledged application in the format of in-game content allowed the “Crocodile Swamp” (in the English version of Where’s My Water?) to regain the first place in the American top paid applications. 

As for the “History of Cranky” itself, this is a completely new game, with a new character and slightly changed rules. The goal is also different. Cranky, unlike Swampy, likes not to wash, but to eat. The player’s task is to clean the crocodile’s food from dirt using a chemical solution.  

There are only five levels of the new game available in the free version of the “History of Cranky”, which all buyers of the “Crocodile Swamp” can get acquainted with. The complete “History of Cranky” contains two game sections of twenty missions each. Again, only the owners of the original game can purchase it for $ 0.99.

By the way, “Crocodile Swampy” appeared in the App Store on September 11 last year. The project was ranked first in the Top Paid category in 68 countries. The free version of the application, which was released on December 21, was downloaded more than 6 million times in the first ten days. Yes, among the numerous awards received by the game at the end of 2011, the first place in our top gaming applications for 2011.

Read the interview with its creators very soon on our website.    

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