Five ways to attract and retain a user

Five small tips for promoting applications are given by an experienced developer Priya Viswanathan. According to her, following them, you can easily save on marketers and advertising. 

The main tasks in the marketing of mobile applications are to attract an audience and ensure constant attention to a particular application. It’s just a pity that when doing this, developers often think more about the number of downloads than about the user himself, – says the developer of mobile applications Priya Viswanathan (Priya Viswanathan).

“How does everything usually happen? Developers create an application, launch it, then tell their friends on social networks or forums what a cool program they have made, distribute promo codes, write official press releases, start blogs where they also write something about their game. As soon as the application starts to bring at least some income, the developers sit back at the computer and start thinking about their new game. 

Although, in fact, work with the application must continue after placement in a particular market. Otherwise, it may happen like this: the user downloads your program, sees that some function is missing, informs or does not inform you about it, deletes your application and looks for a similar one, but a little better. As a result, you lose the audience.

So, believe me, when your number of downloads decreases, you do not need to immediately spend all your cash on promotion and advertising. I want to say that it is not necessary to contact marketers to raise the rating, sometimes you can do everything yourself. 

Below are detailed instructions on how to attract users to the mobile application on their own.

1. Understand mobile devices

Applications often do not use all the functions of mobile devices. At the same time, users are always happy to use their device “in full”. So do not forget that modern smartphones are able to respond to voice commands, determine your location by GPS, with their help you can interact with social networks and much, much more. 

2. Focus on quality

Quality is the most important thing in your application. Users, first of all, evaluate it. To achieve quality, it is necessary to be consistent in development. First of all, finish the application, then polish it. Only then proceed to monetization. As soon as the promotion bears fruit, engage in advertising and continue to polish the application. Improving the quality leads to an increase in the number of users, and, accordingly, to an increase in profits. 

3. Be present online

It is also very important to designate your application on the Internet, because by now from 65% to 70% of mobile users are looking for applications or information about mobile innovations on the web. 

Also, do not forget about feedback – it is no less important. Reviews will help you gather information about the audience, improve the app itself and find out how users perceive it. Update your app and its page in the markets on a regular basis so that users don’t miss anything. 

4. Don’t forget about social integration

Leave some space in your application for integration with social networks. It seems to me superfluous to say that they have a huge potential. Pay special attention to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon and Scoop.it .

5. Conduct promotions

If possible, sometimes conduct various promotions related to your application on social networks and other electronic resources. If any local services participate in the promotions, the turnover of your business may increase dramatically. 

That, in fact, is all. So before you spend money on advertisers and marketers, check if you have done everything from this small list. 

I almost forgot. If you have the opportunity: track your users and communicate with them on the social network.” 

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