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Several news from Apple at once: the company’s quarterly revenue amounted to $ 46 billion; the largest operator in the United States announced that 50% of “New Year’s” smartphone sales were on the iPhone (good-bye Android); fans of “smart devices” after experience with other platforms switch to iOS. 

Rich Apple

Apple shared the results for the first quarter of 2012, which ended for the company on December 31, 2011. Quarterly results exceeded all analysts’ expectations: for 14 weeks, the company’s revenue amounted to an astronomical 46.33 billion dollars, of which 13.06 billion was net profit. Recall that over the same period last year, Apple scored “only” $ 26.74 billion with a net profit of exactly 6 billion. 

Such high revenue of the company was provided by high sales of the iPhone and iPad. In total, during the quarter Apple managed to sell 37.04 million “Apple phones” (128% growth compared to sales in the first quarter of last year), 15.43 million of its tablets (111% growth), as well as 5.2 million computers (26% growth) and 15.4 million iPod players (21% drop). Curiously, 58% of quarterly sales were on the international market.

Apple expects that the next quarter will bring the company at least $ 32.5 billion. 

Half of Verizon smartphones are iPhones

The largest American operator Verizon admitted that in the fourth quarter of 2011 (which it ends, like most companies, in December, and not like Apple in September), more than half of smartphone sales were on the iPhone. In total, during the “Christmas” quarter, Verizon managed to sell 4.2 million smartphones from Apple. 

According to the results for the year, however, Android is still ahead of smartphones based on iOS: 14 million devices on the Google platform against 10.8 million gadgets from Steve Jobs. 

However, despite good sales of devices on both platforms, the operator is still suffering losses. The reason is Apple again. Verizon loses heavily on every iPhone model sold with a two-year contract. However, the company’s management does not see any reason for concern yet. According to Fran Shammo, Verizon’s CFO, cooperation with Apple will pay off only by 2015 (Apple started working with Verizon only in 2011, unlike AT&T, with which it has been cooperating since the development of the first iPhone). 

iPhone 4S lures the audience

The analytical company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has published very interesting data on the iPhone 4S: it turns out that almost a third of the owners of the last “Apple phone” switched to it from competing platforms.

Of this third – 50% – are former Blackberry owners, 39% used Android before, 10% left Palm and only 21% switched to iPhone 4S from mobile phones. 

As for those who previously owned another iPhone model, as many as 43% of those who own iPhones 4S. Also, of all the owners of this fashionable device, 42% admitted that they broke the old contract with the operator for the sake of buying it. In total, 89% of the total number of iPhone users own iPhone 4S. Moreover, 21% of them chose a device with 64 GB on board. 

In addition, analysts noted that many Mac users switched to it only after getting acquainted with the iPod or iPhone. In other words, Apple’s mobile devices often encourage a full transition to this platform.

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