The main gift for Christmas

The nonprofit organization The Pew Research Center conducted a study in which it found that over the Christmas season, the number of tablets among the adult population of the United States doubled.

If in mid-December, 10% of Americans had tablets, then by mid-January, 19% of citizens had them. E-books showed the same growth and the same percentages. In total, the number of Americans with at least one of these devices increased from 18% to 29% in a month.

The indicators surprise not only with their rapid growth. The fact is that for the period from the middle of 2011 until the end of autumn, they did not change much. However, with the advent of Christmas, their sales have increased markedly. Analysts are sure that Amazon and Barnes and Noble, which sell their tablets and e-books at very low prices, played a big role in this.

By the way, people aged 16 and over participated in the study. Apparently, the concept of “adult population” is somewhat vague at The Pew Research Center.

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