Microsoft is going to overtake Apple

IHS analysts are confident that by the end of 2015, Windows Phone-based devices will overtake Apple gadgets in shipments.

IHS representatives believe that smartphones with WP will take over a third of the market, thereby taking second place from iOS. According to analysts, this will be facilitated by the support of the system by Nokia Corporation.

Despite the fact that over the past three years, the Finnish giant, along with loyal users, has been losing its position in the mobile market, IHS specialists are confident that of all devices shipped in 2012 with WP, 50% will be under the Nokia brand. Moreover, by 2013 the share will grow to 62% and only after that it will decline, when other manufacturers will also begin to actively produce smartphones based on Windows Phone.

However, only IHS analysts are talking about Nokia’s bright future in the smartphone market so far. In fact, almost all models of recent years have failed miserably. So we can only say with confidence that WP is doing much better so far.

According to the latest information, more than 10 thousand new applications have appeared in the Windows Phone Marketplace in just 25 days. So at the moment there are already 60 thousand of them in it. At this rate, the number of applications by April may exceed the mark of 100 thousand, and this is already quite a serious indicator. Recall that there are now more than 500 thousand programs in the App Store, and about 400 thousand in the Android Market. 

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