Billions of Dollars of iAP and Tiny Towers Earnings

Revenues from freemium applications in 2011 almost reached $ 1 billion. According to forecasts, by 2015 the figure will increase at least five times.

As we have written more than once, the freemium model is becoming more and more relevant. According to the forecast of the research company IHS, by 2015, micropayments will account for 64% of the total profit of the mobile application market. In 2011, they accounted for only 39%.

If in numbers, then the segment of applications with additional content downloaded for money will earn $ 5.6 billion in three years. In the past year, its revenues amounted to 970 million evergreen presidents.

“The overwhelming number of users prefer free apps to paid ones. According to our estimates, 96% of all downloaded applications in 2011 were for free,” summed up Jack Kent, one of the analysts at IHS.

Well, and quite a bit of dry statistics. According to the results of the third quarter of 2011, 45% of the top-grossing iPhone apps are free, as are 31% of the most profitable Android apps.

However, do not think that once there are microtransactions in the game, it will bring millions. Make no mistake, looking at how very successful freemium games earn millions.

So, according to the information provided by the developers of the very successful freemium game Tiny Tower, they are quite satisfied with the income. ARPU level (Return on Investment) they found it difficult to name, but they shared other figures.

We remind you that Tiny Tower is an extremely popular free game about the construction of skyscrapers. The app gained success among the masses after it got the title of the game of the year from Apple itself. The increase in DAU immediately jumped to 16 thousand per day. And, what is especially impressive, about 50% of those who downloaded the game in the last month have become active players.

Anyway, the statistics are as follows. Of the 9 million people who downloaded the game, 1 million are now playing it every day. At the same time, according to the developers, about 5% of the audience invests in the game, on average, $ 10.

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