Samsung will have another OS

Intel and Samsung are joining forces to work on a new mobile platform. The new brainchild will be a synthesis of the bada and Tizen operating systems.

According to a Samsung representative, the company is currently working on combining its bada platform with Tizen, an Intel project that grew out of the MeeGo system, which Nokia was very actively working on at one time.

It is planned that after the completion of the “merger”, Tizen will be compatible with all applications for bada, as for the SDK and API of these systems, they will also be unified. As a result, it turns out that development under bada will not differ in any way from development under Tiezen. This flexibility has become possible only due to the fact that both systems are based on Linux.

The irony is that Samsung itself, according to Tei-Jin Kang, one of the company’s vice presidents, has not yet decided exactly how it will use the updated Tiezen.

In hi-end models, the company usually uses Android. In the models of the middle price range, smartphones based on Windows Phone may appear very soon. Bada, based on the comment of the same Tei-Jin Kang, is highly likely to become the main platform for the company’s budget single-core solutions, as well as for household appliances. Logically, Tizen should occupy a narrow, intermediate segment between cheap and not-so-cheap phones.

Anyway, “in the near future, Tizen will not become Samsung’s main mobile platform,” a company representative assures.

There is no information yet when the new system will be ready. This year Samsung plans to release no more than two devices on this platform.

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