Infinity Blade Earnings

A three-dimensional role-playing action for iOS brought $ 30 million to its creators in a year of sales.

A month after the release of Infinity Blade II on December 1, 2011, Epic Games announced that the franchise of the project earned $ 30 million. Moreover, most of the earnings came from the first part of Infinity Blade. She collected 23 million evergreen presidents in a year.

As for the sequel, her successes are no less impressive: in just a month of sales, she earned $ 5 million. The remaining 2 million from the total revenue of the franchise were scraped together: Infinity Blade: Awakening – an e-book “based on”; the soundtrack of the original game; and Infinity Blade FX – an adaptation of the action for arcade games.

The development of the first and second parts of Infinity Blade was handled by a small studio Chair Entertainment, well known for the Shadow Complex scroll shooter (not to be confused with the iconic Shadow Colossus from Team Ico), created specifically for Xbox Live Arcade. Epic Games acted as the publisher of Infinity Blade.

By the way, how much was spent on marketing the franchise and remained under the cover of secrecy.

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