Record downloads from iPad

In a year and a half, the number of downloads of applications for the Apple tablet has reached three billion. Android indicators are lagging far behind, but analysts are confident that the situation will radically change in the future.

Since the launch of the first version of the iPad in April 2010, 3 billion downloads have been made from the platform,” ABI Research shared the data. For comparison, it took the iPhone two years to overcome this threshold. As for tablets with Android “on board”, the total number of downloads of applications for them at the moment is about 440 million.

However, ABI analysts believe that the situation will change in the coming years: the number of downloads for Android tablets will exceed the downloads for iPad, as it happened in the smartphone market in 2011. In their opinion, this will largely be facilitated by the release of the Android 4.0 system, which allows you to develop an application for a smartphone and tablet at the same time.

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