Record week

During the last week of 2011, iOS and Android users made a record number of downloads.

According to Flurry, 60% more downloads were made from December 25 to December 31 than in the first two weeks of December. If 750 million programs were downloaded in the first half of this month, then in the last week of the year the number of downloads reached a record high of 1.2 billion. Last year, 857 million downloads were made over the same period. 

The number of activated devices during the final week also reached its historical peak – 20 million devices.

The most downloads were in the USA. In seven days, about 509 million downloads were made on the territory of this country. China has the second largest number of downloads with 99 million downloads, and the UK has the third with 81 million downloads. Russia ranks thirteenth with 15 million downloads – just between Mexico and Brazil.

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