Entertaining iPhone 4S arithmetic

The release of the iPhone 4S significantly affected the number of downloads of free software from the App Store.

The marketing company Fiksu tracked the impact of the release of the iPhone 4S, which took place in October 2011, on the digital application market. During its research, the company found that the number of downloads of free apps increased by 15% compared to the previous October record and amounted to 4.91 million free downloads per day.

Already in November, according to the App Store Competitive Index, which tracks this trend, the number of free downloads from the App store amounted to 5.65 million per day. This is 83% more than in November 2010.

According to TechCrunch journalists, this is a very important figure. It demonstrates the direct impact of large releases on the download market and the great potential for its development.

More recently, Flurry analysts talked about the number of potential users of advanced mobile devices, showed figures according to which, for example, there are 91 million people in the United States who are financially able to purchase a smartphone, but for some reason postpone its purchase.

The figures given by Fiksu, in turn, clearly demonstrate what happens when a part of this audience still decides to buy such a device.

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