Google spoils the relationship

Google is planning to release its tablet. This release may negatively affect sales of other Android-based tablets.

Google plans to launch its own tablet – Google Nexus – next year. This release, according to DigiTimes sources, may cause a major conflict between the search giant and computer hardware manufacturers that currently support Google’s OS.

The release of the original device with the Android 4.1 version will take place within the next six months. Tablets from other manufacturers will be released only with the Android 4.0 version throughout this time. This worries Google partners, who understand that a potential buyer, with general equal conditions, can make a meaningful choice in favor of a device with a more advanced system.

Sources also claim that the dominance of the iPad in the market, as well as the successful launch of the Kindle Fire and Nook tablets, forced many players to rethink their plans to promote their own mobile devices.

By the way, the company Asustek Computer just yesterday launched a tablet that supports Android 4.0 – Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Acer and Lenovo are going to show their models on the same platform in the first months of 2012.

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