Porn in 60 seconds

In just a minute, people have time to dig up 1,100 acres of land in FarmVille, generate 38 tons of environmental garbage, and watch porn. And, yes, they also manage to do something with the iPhone 4s.

GO-Globe studio has published an infographic. It reflects what happens to modern gadgets in a period of sixty seconds.

For example, in the early days of iPhone 4S sales, Apple sold 925 boxes with a new device per minute. She also manages to sell 81 iPad tablets every 60 seconds. For the same period of time, RIM sells 103 Blackberry phones, Amazon sells 18 Kindle Fire tablets, and Microsoft sells 11 Xbox 360 consoles. All over the world, people manage to purchase 700 computers in a minute, 232 of which are infected with a virus. By the way, the number of viruses is surprisingly low, given the fact that while you are reading this small text, two million people are watching porn.

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