Main Mobile App Markets: Flurry Forecast

The number of smartphones used by users may increase from the current 262 million to 800 million. At least, such figures were shared with the public by Flurry. The main driver of growth is the Chinese market; the Russian market may also increase significantly. 

According to the analytical company Flurry, there are currently 264 million active smartphones in the world. Flurry experts consider those devices on which their users have periodically launched applications for thirty days to be “active”.

A third of these devices are located in the United States – this is about 109 million smartphones.

China is in second place by a large margin. Despite the extremely rapid growth of the audience in recent months, there are currently no more than 35 million people using smartphones in China. However, their number continues to grow rapidly. According to analysts, about 122 million potential users live in China – those who can afford to buy such a device, but have not yet done so. However, even if the situation radically changes in the near future, and the Chinese overtake the Americans in terms of the number of active users, the market will still remain difficult to master. The fact is that piracy, as well as problems with fragmentation in local markets, continue to complicate the monetization of the market as a whole.

In Russia, Flurry counted 4 million active smartphones. They may be joined by another 27 million in the future, analysts say. 

Out of curiosity. India, given its population of 1.2 billion inhabitants, as well as the industrial boom in Bangalore, could theoretically become one of the largest markets. But she never did. There are currently only three million active Android and iOS smartphones in India. However, according to Flurry’s analysis, there are about 75 million potential users of these devices in India. So the situation may change in the near future. This will be facilitated by the release of ultra-cheap smartphones in the price range from 50 to 110 dollars.

In total, according to analysts, in the coming years, the number of smartphone users could theoretically increase by 600 million people. These figures do not seem fantastic, given the fact that the increase in daily Android activations is 700 thousand per day. 

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