Serious Android

Users of the Google platform download more work applications and play less on their devices than users of the mobile version of iOS.

Analysts at Xyologic found out that over the past month, Americans have mostly downloaded various utilities and tools from the Android Market rather than games: out of 150 top programs, 85 are applications and only 65 are games. For comparison, out of 150 top App Store downloads, only a third belong to apps.

Xyologic also found out that in terms of the number of monthly downloads, the Android Market beat the App Store by an impressive margin: 124.9 million vs. 97.2 million. Despite this, in terms of the number of downloaded games, the Apple app store bypasses Android almost twice. During the month, mobile iOS users made about 71.6 million game downloads, while Android’s figure is much more modest – only 33.4 million downloads.

Be that as it may, games equally remain the most popular applications for both platforms in the top paid programs. Only in the case of Android, Minecraft is the leader here with 104 thousand downloads, and on Apple – Fruit Ninja with 1.705 million downloads.

Curiously, the total number of downloads of dozens of top paid Android apps does not even reach the number of downloads of the game, which closes the top ten on Apple. The total number of downloads from dozens of Android devices is 420 thousand, and Zombieville from the App Store has 611 thousand monthly downloads.

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