Blackberry under siege

The creator of the iconic business smartphones is experiencing financial difficulties. All the major players in the mobile device market have already become interested in buying it.

RIM, a company known for strict and reliable smartphones, lost 77% of its value over the year, which dropped to $7.04 billion. Moreover, the company’s shares continue to fall in price. Among the main reasons: multiple disruptions of the launch of a line of new devices and low sales of tablets. So more successful market participants have already begun to look at the company.

According to unofficial data, Amazon, Microsoft and Nokia have already been in talks with RIM about its acquisition. There is also information that RIM itself discussed this possibility with Samsung and HTC. However, the company’s official representatives refuse to comment. As for anonymous sources who shared information with Reuters, according to them, RIM management is still determined to cope with the crisis on its own.

In the event of a RIM takeover, the mobile app market is likely to lose one of its seven platforms.

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