Kindle in Millionaires

Amazon sells 1 million of its devices a week. However, what share of sales falls on the Kindle Fire is not specified.

“For the third week in a row, people are buying more than 1 million Kindle devices a week, and the Kindle Fire remains our bestseller. It is he who is most often given, it is he who is the most desirable purchase among millions of other things available on Amazon.com “, – said Dave Limp, vice president of Amazon. Moreover, according to him, the device is becoming more and more popular every week. “And we’re going to release millions of new devices to meet demand,” he added.

Carter Nicholas, executive director of eDataSource, without going into details, assures that the trend that Amazon insists on is taking place: “We have noted a surge in sales, so we can confirm it.”

Another analyst, Stephen Colbert, said about the “plausibility” of Dave Limp’s statement. According to journalists with paidContent.org , he did not mention this term in vain. “There are masters of “mathematics” at Amazon. They talk about the massive success of the Kindle without specifying the sales figures.” In addition, journalists doubt the validity of the estimates of the eDataSource marketing agency, referring to one of the blogs. According to him, pre-orders for the Kindle Fire were much smaller than those announced by marketers.   

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