iPhone 4S in Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the iPhone 4S has officially begun to be sold. There were queues.

Today, official sales of the iPhone 4S have finally started in Russia. The delay in the release for almost two months, according to some analysts, was due to the fact that Russian operators delayed the conclusion of the contract until the last, “hoping that Apple would still lower prices for the Russian market.” As a result, the delay only worsened the situation: the price remained the same, and those who really wanted to buy a phone did it for a long time through unofficial channels.

But there were queues in Moscow tonight after all. Small, however, – no more than fifty people. As a result, people were able not only to stand in the cold at one o’clock in the morning, but also to purchase an iPhone 4S at a “white” price. Speaking of prices. There are no uniform ones. Each retailer has defined its own.

According to the re price list:Store, the largest official representative of Apple in Russia, the prices for the iPhone 4S, both in black and white versions, are as follows:

Apple iPhone 4S 16 – 36 990 rub

Apple iPhone 4S 32 – 39 990 rub

Apple iPhone 4S 64 – 44 990 rub

The excessively high price is explained not only by Apple’s “evil will”, but also by the greed of Russian retailers.

In the meantime, analysts are guessing about the far from cloudless future of the iPhone 4S in Russia, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in New York, street robbers refuse to steal BlackBerry smartphones, as well as those on which the Android OS is installed.

According to NBC NEW YORK, a couple of American robbers took away only Apple smartphones. If the victim had a different brand of mobile phone, the guys from the high road took only cash.

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