Free games are the most popular

According to new statistics from Quixey, the most discussed and popular projects on mobile platforms are free games.

Despite the fact that the free-to-play model is enjoying more and more success every year, not everyone is ready to switch to it. Including on mobile platforms. At least, this is what the latest statistics from Quixey show.

According to these data, the share of free apps on the mobile market is still less than 50%. But the total share of applications for which money is already being asked for when downloading is 55%. They also include applications that cost more than $ 50. However, there are few of them – only 0.3% of the total. There are much more applications in the range from $1 to $50 – 32.6% of all programs on the market. Applications with a price tag from 0.1 to 0.99 dollars also make up a solid share. The remaining 45% are free or shareware games and applications, on which developers earn money, including by selling additional content inside applications.

Those who are not going to transfer their games to a free distribution model in the near future should also think about the following figures: of the 40 most discussed games for mobile platforms, 60% have either the word Lite or the word Free in the name. The top three most discussed apps are Angry Birds Lite, Assassin’s Creed Altair’s Chronicles Free and Oregon Trail Free.

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