Who uses the mobile Internet and how

Ofcom has published a report on the telecommunications market for 2011. According to him, users are using PCs less and less every year to work on the Internet. Their share is taken by mobile devices.

The independent British regulator Ofcom in a report on the telecommunications market shared data on the mobile Internet. Among the curious figures is evidence of a decline in interest in the PC as an Internet platform. Instead of desktop systems and laptops, users are increasingly using phones and smartphones to access the Internet. 

The preferences of mobile Internet users are somewhat different from those who like a full-fledged Internet. Firstly, few people watch videos on their small gadgets – traffic remains expensive. Secondly, full–fledged surfing on small smartphone screens brings little pleasure – it is too inconvenient. As a result, the main thing that mobile users use the network for is messaging and games.

Ofcom also highlights the widespread use of smartphones in the market. According to the company, only in the UK market 46% of users of cellular networks of the Foggy Albion use smartphones – this is the highest figure in Europe. Moreover, from February 2010 to August 2011, the number of smartphones doubled. No doubt, largely due to the appearance of cheap models. However, already in the fourth quarter of 2011, sales began to decline for the first time in a long time. Smartphone manufacturers predict a drop in sales. However, the decline in the popularity of the mobile Internet against this background is hardly worth waiting for.

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