Kinectimals on iOS

Microsoft continues its offensive on iOS. A new step is the release of one of the largest projects for Windows Phone on the Apple platform.

Just a week ago we wrote about the release of Xbox Live on iOS. Before that, we also mentioned the introduction of an introductory demo version of Windows Phone 4.5 for iOS and Android. Having released Kinectimals, one of the central titles of Windows Phone, on the Apple platform, Bill Gates Corporation apparently decided to continue its “offensive” on the competitor market.

Kinectimals is a tamagotchi in which the player raises a large wildcat. In the mobile version for iOS, as well as in the version for WP7, a gamer can play with his pet, raise him, take care of him. Moreover, the mobile game is compatible with the Xbox 360 version of the game. You can export your pet from the TV screen to the smartphone screen.

Initially, it was assumed that Kinectimals would be exclusive to Windows Phone users. But it seems that the company is slowly abandoning such a policy regarding its own projects. Many people hope that after the release of games on iOS, products from the Office line will appear.

Microsoft’s motivation is difficult to understand at this stage. It is unlikely that Microsoft just wants to make money on the game. Kinectimals is a status project. On the Windows Marketplace, unlike the App Store, it was distributed and is distributed for free. So, it is quite possible that this release is largely aimed at popularizing the mobile platform from Microsoft.

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