How much to hang in grams?

Analysts from Distimo shared information about the number of downloads needed to reach the top on the App Store, and also posted a list of the most active countries in terms of downloading free apps. Russia, despite the well-known love of its inhabitants for freebies, was not included in the list.

Many developers are traditionally concerned about the question of how many downloads are needed to reach the top. Distimo, a company engaged in tracking applications on the mobile market, decided to answer this question by publishing data on the largest markets. 

According to this data, the number of daily downloads varies from country to country. In some markets, 2 thousand downloads are enough to get into the top 50. But, for example, for the US market, the number of daily downloads should not be less than 25 thousand. Distimo also published a list of leading countries in terms of the number of downloads of free apps. Russia is not on this list.

The list of countries with the required number of daily downloads to reach the top 10, top 25 and top 50 for each of them is slightly lower.

In addition to these data, Distimo shared information about the distribution of weekly downloads by day.

As is the case with the Android Market, most of the downloads are on Sunday.

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