Russian gaming audience

There are almost six million players in Russia who are ready to spend money on mobile games.

“There are almost 40 million players in Russia in total,” he said in an interview with the British industrial portal gamasutra.com Peter Warman, head of the analytical agency NewZoo. According to his research, 25 million of them actively spend money on games. Audience preferences within these 25 million were distributed as follows:

– 47% of players buy games in retail in PC or Mac versions

– 36% spend their savings on console versions of games

– 35% of players actively invest in MMO

– 29% pay for digital versions of their favorite projects

– 26% spend funds on the development of farms in social networks

– 24% regularly buy casual

– 23% – spend their pocket money and not only on mobile entertainment. In terms of numbers, this is 5.75 million people.

An important addition: on average, there are 4.7 platforms per gamer in Russia. According to this figure, we are well ahead of the Americans with their 3.8 platforms per player. But in the same United States, according to NewZoo data for June of this year, 145 million players live, 75 million of whom also play on mobile devices.

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