The most popular Android genres

Google has shared information about the most popular game genres on the Android platform.

More recently, we wrote that the number of downloads in the Android Market has crossed the threshold of 10 billion downloads. The other day, Google published additional information on downloads. According to new data, games are the most downloaded type of applications on this platform. Their share among other downloads is 25.6%. What is especially interesting is that 39.25% of this share falls on arcades. Next in popularity are puzzles and casual games – 22.08% and 17.68%, respectively. Card games and racing occupy almost equal shares: the first 7.31%, the second 7.27%. Sports games are the least popular on the Android mobile platform – they have a modest 6.41%. 

It also became known that most applications are downloaded on a Sunday evening. Less often – at four o’clock in the morning on Monday. Out of curiosity, most downloads – per capita – are in South Korea. Next comes Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Singapore closes the top five.

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