The best of the year on iOS

Apple has published iTunes Rewind, an annual list of the top apps on iTunes for 2011. Among those included in the top ten are Groupon and Keynote. Special awards from the company went to Instagram and Dead Space. 

Christmas is coming. On the eve of the holidays, Apple decided to sum up the results of the year. The company published a list of the best-selling applications, and also chose its own favorites, giving them medals “The Best of the Year”.

Instagram’s graphic editor was recognized as the best iPhone app of the year, and Tiny Tower was recognized as the best game. Snapseed image editor was chosen as the best iPad app. The mobile version of the horror shooter Dead Space was unexpectedly recognized as the best game on an Apple tablet. 

Just below is a list of the most popular apps for both devices by the end of the year. Unfortunately, Apple did not provide sales figures. Out of curiosity, the Keynote text editor entered the top ten best–selling programs for iPad, and the Groupon discount service turned out to be one of the most downloaded free applications for iPhone.

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