OnLive is coming to mobile platforms

OnLive cloud service has become available for Android users. One of the first games specially adapted for tablets was L.A. Noir from Rockstar Games.

Google’s Android Market has an OnLive app that allows you to play console games on tablets and powerful smartphones. A similar app should appear in the App Store soon. It is currently under consideration by Apple. 

The app gives you full access to the OnLive games catalog. However, for the first time with the help of a touchscreen it will be possible to play only some of them. Including in L.A. Noir, for which its developers have prepared a new interface. To play other projects, you will need a wireless gamepad from OnLive, the cost of which is not too different from the cost of the games themselves – $ 49.99. 

There is an opinion that Apple will not allow OnLive to appear in the App Store, because “big” games can potentially be a threat to the market of “small” games. However, Steve Perlman, executive producer of OnLive, believes that their project does not affect Apple’s interests: “We are not going to compete with products from the App Store: we do not have the games that are presented in it, besides, in the absence of the Internet, people will still want to play something that does not require constant access to the network.”

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