What awaits Android in 2012

Improved graphics, an updated camera and a voice control tool (similar to Siri in the latest iPhone) – all this may be waiting for Android in the near future.

With the latest Android 4.0 update, Google has changed little in its OS, and users are waiting for updates again. Here are the innovations that Android expects next year, according to PCWorld.

Voice control

Siri has made voice control available to users. You can bet that Google will try to do something in this direction.

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) introduced voice typing, and voice control as such has become part of the OS since Android 2.0. But Google’s tool did not have the personal appeal that the virtual assistant has in the iPhone. 

One can hardly expect such a Siri secretary, but it is quite possible that we will see a voice function in more applications. As an example, you can take the new Google Translator, which allows you to translate speech into more than 50 languages of the world. The application, no doubt, is not perfect, but thanks to it, you can imagine where Google will go in the field of voice control.


When it comes to mobile cameras, Android can hardly boast of anything. Its camera, heavy and slow, offers only a few features that can actually be used.

In the updated version of ICS, there was already a noticeable improvement in the software, in which a panoramic shooting mode appeared and there was no interval between shots. In the future, Android may add facial recognition and more gadgets for amateur photographers. But all these changes will affect not only phones. Tablets that use video chats may get better focus and video quality, especially as 4G and LTE connectivity spreads.    

More applications running on accelerated hardware

Recently, more phones on dual-core processors have started to come out. But, unfortunately, not all applications could run on these accelerated processors. Starting with ICS, new apps will automatically appear in new phones. Old versions of applications will have to be updated so that you can see the difference in their work on the new hardware.

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