96% of users are satisfied with their iPhone 4S

ChangeWave has published a new study of satisfaction of iPhone 4S owners. The vast majority – 96% – are satisfied with their device, which puts the iPhone at an unattainable height.

In general, 77% of users are very satisfied with the device and 19% are more or less satisfied. For the previous version of the iPhone, which was launched in 2010, the figures were 72% and 21%.

When users were asked what they liked the most, 39% noted Siri as the most memorable and easy-to-use feature. 33% really liked the 8MP camera, but only 19% noted the new iCloud cloud storage service.

As for the disadvantages, the biggest disappointment for users is the short battery life. The lack of 4G support was a disappointment for 30% of users. Although, next year, judging by the rumors, everything will be all right with this. As for “lost calls”, the latest version of the iPhone is doing much better with this: only 2.5% had communication problems compared to 5.2% of the iPhone 4. 

Apparently, iPhone 4S users, despite some problems with the battery, are quite happy with their purchase.


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