Apple leads the way in consumer loyalty

According to a study by the consulting company GfK, Apple has seriously overtaken its competitors in terms of user loyalty to the brand. Approximately 84% of iPhone owners said they would purchase an Apple smartphone again.

While only 60% of Android phone owners said they would remain loyal to this mobile platform.

Of BlackBerry users, 48% said they would buy a RIM phone again.

Smartphone sales have been growing steadily since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. And although sales growth has slowed slightly, sales volume has increased by 49% compared to the last quarter of last year, according to a study by IDC.

Rayyan Garner, an analyst at GfK, notes that the constant desire to strengthen positions in the market is key to further success in the market. On average, 63% of users are loyal to the type of phone they have, which reduces the chances of a rapid change in the market situation.

Garner noted that the growth in the share of Android and the launch of a new Windows Phone, whose platform will be identical for computers, tablets and smartphones, mean that there are still chances for new companies.

“Apple is far ahead of the competition, but the developments of the coming years will seriously affect the further development of the market,” Garner said.

More than 70% of consumers said they are loyal to their mobile phone because of access to content and integration of features. “The ability of brands to lure users away from competitors has decreased, and the biggest reward will go to those providers who can create the most harmonious user experience and thus increase brand loyalty,” the GfK report says.

During the study, approximately 4,500 people were interviewed in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, Japan and the USA.

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