The most active developers are those who write for Android

According to research2guidity, in the third quarter of 2011, more than half a million applications were added to the Android Market, however, as a result, only 319,161 remained available, while more than 600,000 applications were added to the App Store, of which 459,589 remained. The difference in quantity is decreasing more and more.

The problem is that about 37% of applications are eventually removed from the Android Market. For comparison, in the App Store, this figure is 24%. The lowest percentage of deleted applications can be observed in the WP7 Marketplace – only 13%. However, do not forget that this store appeared relatively recently, and the developers are still cautiously looking in its direction. For example, in 2010, 86% of applications were active in the Android Market.

Nevertheless, Android developers demonstrate much higher activity than iOS developers: on average, there are 4.38 applications for each. And if you take into account remote applications, you will get more than 6 applications for each active developer.

The number of paid apps in the Android Market continues to decline: from 34% at the end of August to 26%% at the end of September. This indicates a tendency to post more free content. By the way, 78% of the deleted applications were free.

Nevertheless, the total number of applications continues to grow; with about half of the new applications published in the categories of Games, Entertainment, Personalizatiom and Music & Audio. The graph shows the dynamics of growth in September 2011:


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