Europe is the leader in the number of downloaded Android apps per person

The US mobile market is the leading one in terms of the total volume of downloaded Android applications, however, Europe was in first place in terms of the number of downloaded applications per user.

According to the analytical company research2guidance, Sweden leads among other European countries. On average, Swedes download more than five apps per month, which is twice the number of downloads of the average American user.

Other markets that surpassed the United States in terms of the number of applications downloaded by the user monthly included the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and South Korea.

Nevertheless, the American market should not be underestimated: American mobile users account for more than 50% of the total volume of app downloads in the Android Market, which corresponds to 3.5 billion installations.

South Korea is in second place in terms of total downloads. This is followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Russia, Japan and China are the most inactive markets in terms of Android app downloads.

Last week, during a press conference dedicated to the launch of Google Music, Google shared statistics on devices: 550,000 new Android devices are activated every day in the world; since May, the number of activations of Android smartphones and tablets has doubled, exceeding 200 million.

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