iPhone bypassed BlackBerry in the business environment

According to the results of a recent study, a BlackBerry-based smartphone is no longer a necessary means of communication in a business environment.

RIM initially positioned its BlackBerry-based smartphones as business smartphones, and it managed to maintain leadership in this sector.

However, according to a study conducted by iPass, Apple has surpassed RIM this year: it now owns 45% in the B2B sector. A total of 2,300 employees of 1,100 companies worldwide were interviewed. At the same time, a year ago BlackBerry was ahead of Apple by 3.4%.

It is worth noting that Android has increased its share almost 2 times over the past year, receiving 21.3%.

Among the answers to the question about which smartphone respondents intend to buy over the next 12 months, the iPhone was also in the lead, gaining 18%. Android took the second place with a result of 11.2%. For BlackBerry, the results were disappointing: only 2.3% are going to buy a smartphone based on this OS. Analysts believe that this could also be affected by problems with services that occurred at RIM last month.

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