iPhone vs. Android: User features

Onavo tried to identify the differences between iPhone and Android users. A 30-day study of more than 100 thousand mobile device owners was conducted.

Several interesting facts were noticed. A typical iPhone owner, for example, is crazy about Facebook: 90% of them use this social network. It is also estimated that Facebook accounts for 10% of all mobile traffic of the average iPhone owner. Android users are less attached to this social network: only 63% of them use Facebook. And on average, it accounts for 5% of the total mobile traffic of the average Android user. 

“The use of social media through mobile devices strongly depends on the phone you have,” said Guy Rosen, CEO of Mashable. “Facebook is in any case a favorite among social networks, regardless of the phone used. Nevertheless, it is much more popular among iPhone owners both in terms of the share of users and traffic. And Google+, although it has become more popular with Android owners (more than 30% of them use this social network), has not yet won the favor of iPhone lovers: no more than one person out of 10 uses Google+.”

iPhone vs. Android

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