5 typical mistakes of developers when launching applications

Here are the five most common mistakes that developers make at the application launch stage.

Mistake #1: the promotion of the application begins at the moment of its launch

Developing a good application takes a lot of time and resources. But there is no need to wait until the app appears in the App Store or Android Market – marketing activities should be started in advance. Apps are media content, like movies and music. And media promotion needs momentum. Start to interest the audience even before the start of the application. If you start only at the time of launch, it will be too late.

Create a trailer or teaser video that will inform existing customers (if there are already any) about the application. Talk to bloggers, provide them with information about the expected application. For them it will be new content, and for you it will be published material.

Error #2: calculation for search

Both the App Store and the Android Market search for applications leaves much to be desired.

But this is not the only problem. Most users simply aren’t looking for apps. They just don’t know what to look for, don’t know what’s already available or how your app is called and spelled. People like to just wander around the store more. Therefore, it is important to think over elements such as a name, an icon, that is, something that can attract the attention of users and help them make a first impression.

Mistake #3: if the app is “cool”, everyone will start talking about it themselves

If users like your app, they will like to talk about it. But if you don’t hurry up, word of mouth won’t work. For example, remind players to give you a good rating in the App Store (this is easily done in one click), so that they share information about the app on Twitter and Facebook.

Mistake #4: The American App Store is the only and main one

So many developers are tied only to the American App Store. But in reality, it owns less than half of the iOS traffic. By focusing only on the American store, you lose half of the target audience.

Even if your application has not been translated into other languages, do not despair: many applications have become popular without translation, in the English version (although translation, of course, is desirable). Also think about the numerous “agents of influence” – journalists and bloggers in different countries who simply will not be able to download your app if you place it only in the American App Store.

Make your app available in all countries.

Mistake #5: if anything, the purchase of advertising will help you

There is no 100% way to get good visibility in the App Store. The tops include the best applications that are popular with hundreds of thousands of players. Even if you have money, it is impossible to buy ads directly in the App Store. Will banners on various websites help? Big question. There is always a risk to spend a large budget (as a rule, advertising applications is very, very not cheap) and get a minimal “exhaust” as a result. Therefore, do not neglect all methods of promotion, even if some of them seem small at first glance.

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