Google on the tablet market

Andy Rubin, the head of Google’s mobile business, said that six million Android-based tablets have already been sold. Thus, the first step was taken in the market, where the iPad dominates so far.

“It’s certainly not 30 million, but it’s a good start,” Rubin said in response to a question about why Android tablets have failed.

For comparison, Apple sold 11.12 million iPads in the last quarter, a number that other manufacturers can’t even come close to.

Google has taken several strategically important steps to get closer to the iPad results. One of them is the launch of the new Android 4.0 platform, in order to combat the problem of fragmentation and increase the functionality of applications. 

Of course, there are also other tablets, including Amazon’s Kindle Fire with its very confident start. 95 thousand devices were sold on the first day. Its price of $200 allows you to buy 2.5 kindle Fire instead of one basic iPad. These two factors made competitors think, who tried to use different tactics to establish themselves in the tablet market. Except for the price.  

The promotion of Android tablets has not been without excesses. Including patent proceedings between Apple and Samsung, the manufacturer of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet on Android. The device is already temporarily banned in Australia, and a similar fate is likely to await Samsung in the United States. Which, without a doubt, will affect sales during the Christmas holidays.

Overall, Android is the most successful mobile platform. More than half a million devices are activated daily. If the company repeats its success in the smartphone market, Google’s six million tablets could grow into something much bigger.

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