iPad is the most popular device for home

Sanoma conducted a study on the use of the iPad. 3,673 iPad users in six countries were surveyed. Although many common details have been revealed, there are also serious differences. For example, Russians are very actively using iPads, in some families their number reaches up to four pieces. In Finland, iPads are used more on the road.

In all the countries studied – Holland, Finland, Russia, Hungary, Belgium and Germany – the owner of the iPad is not the only user. More than half (67%) of devices are used by someone else: usually it is a partner (husband, wife, etc.), and in more than a third of cases it is children. Most often, iPads are used at home, a little less often – on the road or on vacation. More than 50% of respondents do this “often” and over one third – sometimes. 

The main computer at homeMore frequent use of the iPad has affected the use of other devices, such as laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones.

The iPad at home is now the main device. 73% of respondents said that they began to use a computer or laptop less often. 38% use their mobile phones less. However, as a device for work, a laptop and a computer dominate. But, for example, in Russia and Hungary, the iPad is used at work twice as often as in other countries.

On the couch or at breakfast

The iPad is most often used in the evenings in the living room (83%) and in the mornings (70%). It is turned on when you just need to “kill time” or in bed before going to bed. (66%/67%). For Russians and Hungarians, it is more usual to use an iPad before going to bed. Finns and Russians are more than others – the most active users of it during travel and at work.

Up to 4 hours a day

About two-thirds said they started using the iPad more often. Almost everyone turns on the device several times a day (94%), exactly half of them use the iPad from 30 minutes to two hours a day. The most active users are Russians and Germans. They spend 4 or even more hours at the iPad several times a day.
Women play moreMost of all, iPads are used for reading news, searching, browsing websites and e-mail correspondence.

The second category of using the device includes social networking, computer games, reading magazines, watching videos and photos. Women play more often than men. Online shopping and online banking are the third most popular category of iPad usage.  

More than six purchased apps

About a third of respondents downloaded more than 50 apps. Germans (54%) and Hungarians (41%) are far ahead. There are many more users among them who have downloaded more than 50 applications. On average, women download apps less often than men. More than half of the respondents bought more than six apps.

The average iPad user

Among the respondents, on average, 82% are men and 18% are women, while they use the device about the same way. The average age of respondents is 39 years. They mostly have higher education, most of them in Russia (89%). More than two thirds of the respondents are married or live in a civil marriage. Approximately 60% said that their income is above average, and some even two or more times higher than average. 

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