Panoramik ceases cooperation with "attracted specialists" located in Russia

Officially based in Cyprus, Panoramik mobile game development and publishing studio announced the suspension of work with all personnel in Russia. The company is not going to relocate people, but is ready to continue working with those who have left the country on their own.

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash
As can be understood from the message transmitted to the editorial office by the official representative of Panoramik, there is no talk at the moment about inviting employees to work in Cyprus or about plans to launch an additional office where people could settle.

The company offers to continue cooperation to people who are in the process of relocation or have already left Russia, in a remote format from any point suitable for them on the world map.

Panoramik emphasizes that it has never had and does not have official representative offices in the country. The company calls Russian employees “attracted specialists”.

The company does not disclose how many “attracted specialists” it had in the country. 126 employees of the company have profiles on LinkedIn. Most of them, including marketing and part of the top management, according to the service, are or were previously in St. Petersburg.

Since the beginning of hostilities, Panoramik has launched a process to suspend work with contractors from Of the Russian Federation,” Panoramik officially informs.

What is Panoramik known for?

Today, the company positions itself primarily as a developer of midcore mobile games in a fantasy setting. Her key titles at the moment are Mighty Party: Heroes Clash and Auto Brawl Chess.

According to AppMagic:

  • Monthly revenue Mighty Party: Heroes Clash (IAP) — $2.7 million (the game earned more than $112 million in total);
  • monthly revenue of Auto Brawl Chess (IAP) — $0.2 million (in total, the game earned more than $ 10 million).

The USA accounts for about 42% of the company’s revenue, another 7% for Germany and 6% for Japan.

A coincidence?

Panoramik became the second company to publicly announce its departure from Russia for this week. On Monday, the same was announced by AppQuantum, which in a press release stressed that there were no law firms affiliated with it in Russia.

Playrix had previously invested in both companies. Homescapes developer and publisher invested in Panoramik in 2019, and in AppQuantum at the end of last 2021. For both companies, Playrix’s investments were a turning point in their history.

Panoramik, thanks to investments, has increased revenue tenfold, and AppQuantum’s commercial performance has doubled in the first months of strategic cooperation with the Vologda-based company.

Against this background, the departure of both companies from After it became known in early October about the closure of all Russian offices by Playrix, it seems natural.

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