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According to a new study conducted by comScore, smartphones and tablets generate almost 7% of Internet traffic in the United States. As these devices become more widespread, the number of people who use different devices throughout the day to access the Internet, search and download content increases.

Mark Donovan, vice president of mobile content at comScore, believes that the popularity of smartphones and tablets is the first step towards an explosion in digital media consumption. To effectively promote their products and services, advertisers and publishers should develop cross-platform strategies. 

So far, two-thirds of the announced 7% of Internet traffic relates only to smartphones, although tablets are rapidly gaining momentum. More than 116 million people, according to data at the end of August, used mobile devices to access the Internet and applications, as well as to download content.

Men use mobile devices more – 54.7% of them. Almost 30% of them are young people aged 25 to 34 years, and almost half of them (45.9%) have a family income of $100,000 per year.

As for the devices themselves, Apple is leading in terms of the total market share of mobile devices with 43.1%; it also has the largest share of Internet traffic (calculated based on the number of pages viewed). Android, however, led the share of smartphone users in August with 43.7%.

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